Friday, August 22, 2008

Rhizome Cafe

photograph is from Rhizome website.

Yesterday I was meeting a friend of mine at Main and Broadway, so I suggested we check out Rhizome Cafe. I was very happy with what I found. I had only heard of it recently, but their website mentions that they have been around for two years.

"Rhizome Café is a neighbourhood café that promotes the work of local artists, provides people with a space to socialize and connect with each other, and supports progressive social justice work."
You order and pay at the counter where they have a large menu on the wall. You can then grab a seat and they bring you your food. The staff was very friendly, and everything seemed really clean.
They serve some meat, however they have coloured dots letting you know what items on the menu are vegetarian, and which are vegan. I had the Roasted Veggie Sandwich with a side of the soup of the day (Rosemary Zucchini). Apparently the soup is always vegan. Both were amazing. My friend had the Grilled Apple Sandwich and a side salad. She said that her meal was also delicious. I had a wonderful iced tea with ginger and mint, and for dessert I took a piece of vegan Chi cake to go. It made a lovely snack later in the evening.

I highly recommend you stop by. They also have an organic coffee bar, and they do serve alcohol.

They also have many events in their venue, and local artists can showcase their work on their walls.

Overall I had a wonderful time. I wish it was an all vegetarian or vegan menu, but even as is I was still very happy with everything. I will definitely be returning, or just stopping by to pick up another piece of Chi Cake :)


Tuesday: 4pm — 10pm
Wednesday and Thursday: 11am — 10pm
Friday: 11am — midnight
Saturday: 10am — midnight
Sunday: 10am — 3pm (unless they have an evening event scheduled)
Saturday & Sunday: Brunch served till 3
(Closed Mondays)

317 East Broadway, Vancouver BC


Sunday, August 17, 2008

Restaurants to try

I love searching for restaurants that have great vegan items on their menus. It's a difficult job, but is well worth it when you discover a treasure.

These are all restaurants that I have yet to visit. Most of them were discovered via web searches, and apparently they all have vegan items. I haven't been to any of them yet, but when I do I'll let you know how they were.

Paradise Vegetarian Vegetarian Vietnamese in Burnaby.
Central Bistro Apparently they have vegan french toast. Downtown.
Everybody Loves Veggies A vegan stall in a mall food court. West 12th.
Our Town Cafe Cafe with vegan options. East Broadway.
Rhizome Cafe Cafe with vegan options. East Broadway.
Wild Rice Modern Chinese. Dairy free kitchen. West Pender.
Trees Coffee Vegan Treats. Downtown and Richmond.


Friday, August 15, 2008

Boston Pizza

Boston Pizza has a VEGAN pizza, I know it was hard for me to believe too- but its true!! Its called the California Pizza and you have to ask for it without the fresh parmesan cheese, then its completely VEGAN! (I even called Head Office to double check this fact) ENJOY!! :) I sure did!!